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Building an Ecology

Building an Ecology

Building a new world where the players is a big part in building the world is an approach to worldbuilding that is new to me and many of my friends. But it is a quite interesting way to make it less static than if one person would build it.

So for the first mission the players are on the vessels on the oceans away from Gatia expelled from the paradise. The players and the rest of the humans created by the gods are on their way to their new homes in whole new areas of the world.

When the players arrive to new parts of the world they find areas of lands never before explored by anyone that have all kinds of creatures and challenges placed there by the gods. So besides that the pre-made map is almost filled with resources (this will be a post of it own) the world needs something that the players can meet and be challenged by when setting up the first civilizations.

The Creatures of Thurian

As a starting point the “greater creatures” are being made as adversaries. Lesser creatures might have stats later on but for now if they can be one-shoted by a singel bad slingshot they do not have it … for now.

All the creatures can be found here: and the list grows larger every time. I found that there need to be some quite intimidating creatures of different sizes, from the mighty aurochs, lions and wolfs that have resources that can be harvested and are dangerous enough for a tribe to settle down and build an defence against them. A great civilization is built on a common ground against a great enemy.