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Building of Thurian, The basics


So first of all welcome, i will on this blog post on the updates of the gamesetting for Genesys i’m building. The setting it self will be hosted on a wiki in a new future once i found a system that is to my liking and is designed some what good.

The first decision I made when starting out this world a few years ago, was a nice standard High-Fantasy setting that I love to play in. Though when I last year picked it up and started to continue I felt that thats not anything fun. To do what everyone else is doing. So keeping the map, and the name I started to remake everything.

The theme?

The theme i choose, since it has always been very dear to me, was some kind of resemblance to the ancient Greek. This is a classical era that is truly amazing in many different ways, and it’s not that many settings for roleplaying games that are set in this era.

So how did the world form?

Lets start with that.

In a sea of chaos and force there flows a string of pure magic through uncontrolled collisions that ignites a spark that after millenniums creates a parallel universe to all the others in the time-space continuum with a massive explosion. This explosion of an unparalleled force create a rift in time and space from which a twelve entities from our own universe is pulled into.

The surrounding force starts to recognize these new entities and giving them the ability to wield the force it self to control their surroundings.

With this power, the long lost humans of a classical civilization starts to build up a world of their on, in the same matter that they have long been familiar to. They build a sun that has one single planet in its field, a planet that to all that we know has a resemblance to earth it self regarding atmosphere and climate. The landmass is what they believe the earth looks like, and since they have just been around their local areas this is quite random.

On the planet they start with one island, an island that also is the home of the volcano Olympia that holds the golden doors to the eternal plane that is their own home. One by one they forms races, animals and all entities that are needed in a ecosystem, entities that can worship them and give them more powers.

Questions that needs answer

Not every world is created from nothing, the world must come from somthing. And I belive in the aproch less is more, a short and somewhat broad origin makes is easier (and harder) to continue my work when building since some of the lore can be filled in by players through the years of playing I hope we will have.

I will of course by the time i publish anything on my future wiki have changed this origin story more than once. And every input i can get is valueble for making it perfect.

Though a few questions i do not have the answer to, that i want to specify in this part is:

How should the race of humans come to existance? Even though the gods have been humans, why would they create these again? Why whould anyone create a race with a free will that will in time question their existance?

Would a god build a secluded but still with strength accessible palace for them self on a mortal plane? I do want to keep planes to a minimal at this stage, but I think this might be a port to another plane, or they do live with the humans in a different part of the world